The GST nurtures community projects in education, health, enterprise, technology, the arts and civic innovation.
We support communal spaces and aim to bridge divides.

Since 2001, we initiated projects that became independent entities and helped to set up many small enterprises. Our legal structure supports good governance, encourages participation and reflects our rights-based approach.

We set our work within societal trends. By 2050, one in every four people will be from Africa, mainly young.

Civil society must develop local institutions to support ethical governance, education, health, and livability.

And communities to help solve universal problems, including climate change, human rights and liveability.


Trust Registration

The Trust is registered as a trust with the Master (Number: IT23/2002), as a non-profit organisation under the Department of Community Development (019-824-NPO), and with the South African Revenue Service under Section 30, and under Section 18a of the Income Tax Act.

Partner With Us

We prioritise partnerships above duplications and encourage collaborations of every kind. Please contact us if you want to partner in any of our projects.


We strive to develop sustainable projects. In time, most of our projects will generate funds to sustain them. For new projects, we continue to depend on the goodwill of donors. We also continue to support some established projects that need funding to provide necessary community support. 


Volunteering at the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust is an opportunity to help a dynamic community and immerse in a new culture. Our volunteers have played a vital role in developing and maintaining the organisations and communities they support.

We balance our collective impact with individual sustainability.

Partners & Projects

The GST supports other community organisations. When we assist an organisation to gain competence in financial, legal and management administration, we strengthen the eco-system of civil society in communities. We are an incubator for new projects.

Our ongoing projects fall within a few broad themes:



Citizen-oriented technology

community Life